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Where does some one go to find support on using the yahoo app for fantasy football? I am very new with my ipad air 2, and down loaded the app, I am trying to learn the lay out of the app in certain tasks, but Iam lost, so where can I get help, or does some one have the time to teach me how to get around in the screen, this is a very well developed app, and I know the ins and outs on my lab top, but this app has me lost. Any where to go to learn about whatstrokes and jesters to use onthis app? I finally want to be independent during my drafts, so how do I learn? I thank you for any help anyone can give me.



Submitted by Jimmy V on Saturday, July 2, 2016

so the yahoo fantasy app is very easy to use. Basically, after you log in, the first thing you'll do is pick your fantasy team. Once you hear the name of your team dubble tap it. you'll start on your roster section to make changes to your lineup. Changing your lineup is very easy. under each position, there will be an edit button for example you might hear, qb, slot. After you hear that, you swipe right once and you'll land on the edit button for that slot. you'll be in the list of your other qbs in this example, just dubble tap on the player that you want and he'll be moved from your bench into the slot and voice over will tell you that this as taken place. There's no need to save your roster like you have to on your laptop, so that's a nice thing. After changing your roster, you might want to look at other stuff. there are buttons on the bottom right of the screen to take you to other areas. these are labeled as follows. Standings, roster, matchup , players, and more. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anymore help and i'll be glad to respond

Submitted by dave sime on Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jimmy, that was out standing help, but how about the on line draft that takes place, such as: the moc draft room? finding players to draft when it is my turnm, putting players in to my que. and that process of the yahoo drafting in standered, auction, drafts. I was really lost during that process. I now understand how to put line ups in, but will have to learn to add/drop players. Where can I go to learn all of this at? because there is so much, and I truely thank you for that help. When I was in the draft room, I was lost, because when I tapped the screen it would take me all over the place, so would it be possible to talk to you over the phone? my direct email is david_sime@charter.net I could give you my number, or I could call you. I want to really understand this app. because I am in around 6 drafts. Thanks again!

Submitted by dave sime on Saturday, July 23, 2016

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I ahve tried all of the moc drafts, I am lost, is there a page where I can learn what swipes,jestures to use while drafting? and where things are on the screen? I am lost, and really some one to let me know what, and whre I can go.

Submitted by dave sime on Sunday, July 24, 2016

I have tried, and tried to draft using auction, standered formats, I do not know what to do. Where can I practice or read about what swipes, jestures and how to draft? the screen jumps around, and I am very good on the yahoo web site, but Ineed a lesson, or scripes to learn. Please can some one who has used this app let me know what to do, where to go, and how to use the screen, I am so happy I will beable after 20 years do this my self, so HELP!!!!! lol

Submitted by dave sime on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

dear applevis: I am fustrated, because I have asked for help 3 times here. I did get a short response to part of my concerns about knowing how to use theyahoo fantasy football app. I am a beginner, and have asked questions of the applevis members , no one seems to want to help me, could you let me know where I would learn how to use the app, what swipes, jestures, and how the screen is layed out. I have tried multipul times to draft teams in the auction , and standered draft rooms. Iam looking to find out how to draft, where the buttons are, and how the screen is layed out when the draft is running. All I want to know is there a place to read and learnd what is on the screen, where it is at, how to make things happen, so I can draft on my own. I have tried the accessable team at yahoo, but no response. I know there are members on this site in the past who love, and have great things to say. WHAT can I do? I am even ready to pay anyone to work with me on this app, and how to make it happen. Thanks for your time, patience in this matter.

Submitted by AppleVis on Friday, July 29, 2016

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We mentioned this thread on Twitter, and this was the reply from Yahoo:

@AppleVis We do support the VoiceOver feature on iOS. However, we have come across some issues due to the redesign and we're in the process of fixing them for our next update. We understand how important this feature is, and are working to improve it ASAP.

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