i have developed a app that convert color to sound, is it useful?

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Is it useful? i want to convert a picture to sound. The app just convert a pixel of a image to sound , and you can move your finger to pick pixel. it requried ios5 or later .

It just take a screenshoot of the imageview , and scale the image in half. And it picks 16 pixels around the finger , and convet the pixel color th HSV, use the H S V compont to adjust 3 sine wav of different frequncy. 

i find it is hard to use  for me .but fun to use. 



Hi, I have created another set of demonstration videos. They are temporarily at https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3688386/NewV.zip Your download count should pick up once we can confirm that you have got the sound mapping correct. I believe you have but am checking with the developer of the vOICe and the rest of the community. Tap tap see and the vOICe are completely different applications. The vOICe is a program that allows people to perceive images through sound. Tap tap see is an object identification application. I expect your download count should pick up once we can fully endorse your application. I will be doing a podcast on it as well as blogging about it. Others will also spread the word which will translate into more money for you. Pranav

Thanks a lot . I know you are from India .I have read your blog . I have uploaded a video too .http://youtu.be/0Wixw-qoqGc

http://youtu.be/0Wixw-qoqGc YouTube I have watched your video , it is about 5 second . You have a Vodafone 3G iPhone . I do not know what is in front the camera . There is a white line and a array of some objects.HAHA. Now , I will continue to develop. Games . I am a game developer . I using GPU to generate sound ,I think my app runs fast than the vOICe .

This app just gets better and better. I'm not concerned that it sound like or be faster than the vOICe, but I do want it to be accurate. Can we have the ability to save soundscapes with and without pictures? Thanks and thanks again for a great app.

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Hi, The frequencies are the same. But the vOICe has filters , it is hard for me to understand . So I just skip them . The image enhance method is different too. I think the soundscape is different . I am using 24bit float , which is not as accurate as 32bit float . I think this provide a new view of the world . The soundscape is like the vOICe . But I have checked using sound analyze software that the frequncies is the same. There are noise , because blend two or more sound waves generates noise , the chords has some combinations sounds bad . I think the vOICe has filters to reduce the noise . Because I am using GPU , and using linear Interpreted pixel value , the voice using b spline interpreted value , mine has more noise .The voice has evolved many years . I have another app called colort2soundfree which can share soundscape and picture . It is waiting for review.it needs 4 or 5 days. I am focus on developing games now. I will not update this app for a long time .

Hi tscmga4ios, Thanks for posting more technical detail about what you have done. Here is some feedback from the developer. [start of e-mail] Hi Pranav, Those filters in my example source code can be skipped without problems, and linear weighting instead of quadratic B-Splines is fine too. These are not sources of noticeable quality degradation. The use of 24-bit floating point on the GPU is potentially a problem if one is not very careful. I can imagine that this is why your carpet view fills up with noise that should not be there. Best wishes, Peter Meijer The vOICe for Android http://www.seeingwithsound.com/android.htm [end of e-mail] I hope you can do something about this. Good luck with your game development. Pranav

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A problem I have with voicevision is not knowing if my ears are round the right way or the app is. I'm wearing earpods and know they are set up correctly, but a cue when the app launches or on demand would be helpful.

haha,I know there is noise and have tried to fix it . GPU is fast but not accurate . GPU is not designed for accurate , especially for embed devices . The old method is using CPU ,but It runs not fast. I have tried hard to improve this app . The GPU is 24bit , and I have to pack it into rgba image , 4 channel ,8 bit unsigned char ,and unpack it to 24bit float ,sum 4 pixels ,export it to 32 bit float ,then sum 16 pixels ,may be this is the noise came from . But this method runs fast,runs on old devices . I have no experience on DSP ,there may be some operation cause noise , but. It works anyway , and I am too lazy to find the bug ,it is hard to debug GPU shader .haha . Thanks .

I have this problem too .i will add this next version . but I think it is easy to mark a earphone using tape . And the UI interface doesn't support rotation .

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I'm still not quite sure what this app is supposed to do? Is it a color identifier of some kind? I don't think I could make use of the app right now as I have some usable vision, but that might not always be the case. Can anyone give me some practical, real-life examples of where this app might come in handy? I guess maybe I can't wrapp my mind around this yet until I have a real-life example to go on. Does it play different tones for different colors? If so what do you do when you have a shade of a color like navy blue instead of regular blue? Sorry for all the questions....maybe if someone created a podcast demo of this app it'd make more sense? Thanks. There was an audio demo but I couldn't really work out what was going on. sorry guys...

Hi You means the color2soundfree ? You can update to the new version ,which read color names. I have two apps . The voice vision is for video , you can get a quick view of the image . The color2sound is for still image , you can get what color is for each pixel exactly . There are so many photos for news ,for Facebook ,for blog, and there more and more .you can copy the image from safari and use color2sound to know some informations about the photos.and you can use it for graph or drawings. It is useless for sighted people like you and me.

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Hi. I'm afraid I'm still not fully understanding here, I'm very sorry. I will try though. There are 2 apps. Color 2 sound....does thi app use VoiceOver to read color names i.e. if I hold the camera up to my t shirt and it's blue, will VoiceOver announce that it's blue? or what will it do? and I'm still not fully sure what the other app does? can someone help?

In color2sound ,you can take a photo , and move your finger on the screen ,voice over will read the color name . In voice vision ,there is a color picker,you can point your camera to your T shirt , voice over will read the color name .there is manual for this app . They are free.