I can't find 'audio books' in the 'music' app, please help

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Hi everyone, With reference to my previous message concerning the 'music' app, this one concerns audio books in this app. In IOS 6 it was possible to download an audio book via for example Overdrive Media Consal and listen to the book within the app. However, I now find that when I go into the 'music' app, I cannot find 'audio books' anywhere. In IOS 6 you double tapped on 'more' and a range of different formats were displayed, now it is only 'genre's' and 'composers' and a couple more I think. I know that the audio book has downloaded because I've tried to download again and Overdrive just says that the audio book I have in the overdrive library has downloaded. What do you think about this one? Steve.



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Friday, December 13, 2013

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Hello Steven, 1. Go to the Music app and open it. 2. At the bottom right hand corner is the More button. Just double tap on this. 3. Tap the upper left hand corner. Flick right you will hear the Edit button. Keep flicking to the right and you will hear Songs, Alblums, and then the Audio Books. Just double tap on this and you will see your Audio Books. Just an FYI right after the Audio Books is the Genre. HTH