I bought a bike, what apps are useful for us?

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Finally I bought a sports bike, and i need to use it with some joy :D , now, what apps i can use to measure what time i spent? and, if i need to play for 10 minutes a special exercise and another exercise for 15 minutes, is there an app that can calculate this? also, is there an app that can add some joy? note that i do not have apple watch, just my Iphone 8+ Thanks



Submitted by Anthony on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Hello I can recommend peloton is voiceover friendly and give you workouts and even compete with other people if you like you have to create an account on the app and pay for the monthly but you don’t have to have anything else special you have to have that have their bike Don’t you don’t have to have their bike just to give you a tip

Submitted by Anthony on Thursday, July 2, 2020

Hello if you just type in work out on the App Store it should come up with apps and that should be one of them also I would say active Is somewhat friendly it’s a little confusing but it’s a paid one also you have to pay for the prescription And also I was trying to say peloton Why do you just type in workout apps on the App Store it should come up there’s only two that I know that her early voiceover friendly off the top my head I have tried them I prefer peloton tho I hope this is more understandable and also I was trying to say you can just use the app

Submitted by tyler chambliss on Thursday, July 2, 2020

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Dude, you need to Use punctuation. Your posts are annoying to Read with VoiceOver because you don't have any punctuation so it just keeps Going on on and on and is hard to Understand at high speech rates.

Submitted by DK6 on Friday, July 3, 2020


I personally use the Wahoo Fitness app together with their TICKRX heart-rate monitor. With this combo I have the opportunity to measure both heart-rate and rotations per minute when on the bike. In the app I can also set up training zones, intervals etc.

The app is accessible as far as I have used it.


Submitted by Brian on Saturday, December 19, 2020

Hi, yes, Peloton is fantastic coaching, and is £12.99 in the UK each month. You can't compete with others and the metrics it gives you are irrelevant other than the time you spent doing the class/sesson unless you have one of the Peloton special bikes. I've used the app on my Turbo trainer and using my Apple Watch track the workouts. Peloton just offers a great spin class coaching session. Amazon Prime Music also has free spin classes - search for Greg Cook.

Has the Wahoo Fitness app ben updated to be more VoiceOver friendly? The swipe gesture needed to switch activity types was unreliable and hard to do, especially with sweaty fingers. It has a sort of split screen effect, and you have to swipe on the top half left or right to move from swim to spin to running or whatever activity types you ahve set up. Hard to master the switch gesture reliably.