I am looking for an app for uploading and distributing my podcast

iOS and iPadOS

Hello Everyone, as you know, I have a podcast chanel in Spanish language called Accesibilidad Universal. Until now, I use the app Anchor. This app, distributes the podcast in all main podcast platforms (Apple podcast, Overcast, Spotify, Downcast, etc) and I uploaded every episode that I recoreded with my Iphone, I imported in anchor, and I uploaded it. However since the last Anchor update, it became total unaccessibile with my Iphone 12 mini, now, I cannot use it because when I open the app, VoiceOver doessen't speak any more and I have to close it. I wrote to Anchor support, but unfortunately they don't know give me any solution. I though to change my anchor account, now I ahve it with my google email, because when I created it I didn't notice that it would be possibile to v create it with Apple account, so I could create a new acount with the same p podcast chanel name, with my Apple Account, I shuld import one by one all episodes, but I could do it, but I afrai taht I could ahve the same problem. So, I c would like to know if you have or have had any experience in this subject and with this app, and if you know another app in order to do it (a free one), so which allows me to import and upload my podcast and to make them accessibles in all main podcast platforms. Many thanks in a advnace. María



Submitted by Alan on Monday, June 21, 2021

Hey, Maria,It's Alan, from another Spanish podcast, Dobletap :)
Anchor runs as expected on our devices, so the problem may not be a bug on the app itself.
Make sure you haven't turned screen recognition on by mistake, it could cause some issues like yours.
Open Anchor, access the app switcher, focus Anchor and turn screen recognition off from the voiceover rotor.
Also, from settings, accessibility, voiceover, screen recognition, turn it off and on again, this way you will update the required components, since it seems Apple fixed some problems.
Feel free to follow us on twitter, dobletap, where we share tips like that as soon as we have verified sources.
Hope it works!

Submitted by María on Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Hi Alan and All,
I just tried to desactivated the screen recognition, but the issue continues there, so, I will try to trun off to the rotor, and I will let you know.
ON the other hand, as I don't have twitter, if you want, could you write me please off the forum, of course, if you like, in this way, we could continue the conversation. My address is: m.g.garmendia28@icloud.com
Many thaks