how to submit feedback to microsoft?

iOS & iPadOS

Does anyone know how I can submit feedback to ms about their seeing AI app? Something I'd like to see fixed is the product channel as it has an issue that I think could be fixed. When I scan something it will find the barcode and then it will come up and say "not recognized." I can rescan that same box again and the second time it will tell me the product. I understand that the databased is online and it depends on your internet connection so this is why this behavior may be happening. What I would like to see is maybe they should have an offline database of barcodes that you can download and update for this channel to prevent this type of behavior as this could be frustrating having to scan a barcode more than once before it finally works. If anyone has any other tips on how to having to prevent rescanning a barcode I'm open to that as well.



Submitted by Saqib on Saturday, March 23, 2019

You can send us feedback from within the app's menu, or email SeeingAI at

Regarding this particular issue, we will investigate why the barcode would be recognised once, but not the next time. However, it’s still best to send us a message so we have it tracked.