How to read PDFs with texts as images?

Hey friends.
I sometimes get PDF documents with texts as images and I can't read those with my current tools.
A friend of mine uses Kurzweil for that. I haven't heard any other solution. I normally tell the people who sent me the document that it is not accessible and ask them to send it to me in a different way.
Is there any app or software or solution that reads that has a good OCR that can read those documents?


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The only app besides The knfb reader I found is prizmo. You will have to make sure the share extension is configured to have prizmo on and in the active list.
If the document is a pdf document and not a pdf scanned image, there are more choices. Also, if the document is in any of the photo formats supported by IOS, you can save it to camera role and then there are several ocr apps that will work.

I now use the free Microsoft

I now use the free Microsoft Office app which lets you convert Pdf documents to Word, regardless if the Pdf document is scanned or not. It even preserves the formatting. Quite impressive despite the cost which is free. Note I am talking about the recently released Office app, not the individual Word, Excel or Powerpoint apps. Hope this helps.


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Thank you Christopher. I have office and haven't had it long enough to learn all about it. It will work on your pdf files mailed to you. If needed, you can do more than just read them with office.Thanks