How to interact down to a character in Voice Dream Reader

iOS & iPadOS

Hello all,
I am new to VDR and am excited about it. Because of my poor sound discrimination, I sometimes have the need to interact with a line down to its characters. How do I accomplish this in VDR? I go to school and am trying to read books from Bookshare.
Also, I use James as my voice and would like to know from you guys, is there a better voice that will enunciate every word clearly to compensate for my hearing issues.
Can I do the 'character analysis' I desire with the Kindle, BARD and Read2Go apps?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Bryan Jones on Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Using the following standard VO gesture, I am able to navigate by character in VDR version 3.3.1, Kindle for iPhone version 4.5.2 and Read2Go version on my iPhone 5S running IOS 8.1.2. YMMV.

1. The app is launched, the desired book is open, and the automated "play" function is not currently reading the book.
2. Place VO focus in the body text of the book by tapping once with one finger near the center of the screen, where the book text is displayed.
3. Use the rotor to select "character."
4. Swipe up or down with one finger to move by character.

I do not know if this procedure works with the Bard app as I've not used it.