How to import a document from pages into Voice Dream writer

Hello all! I have a quick question about importing documents. I can’t seem to figure out how to import my album list document from pages into Voice Dream Writer. I click on the import button and I can see the Pages folder but the document name button is dimmed and I can’t do anything that has anything to do with exporting. if I hit the select button at the top and select it. How do you import a document from Pages into this app? Thank you in advance


Not currently possible

As far as I know - and I would love to be proven wrong - Writer does not allow you to import any documents except plain text or RTF documents. So importing your nicely formatted word or pages document and expecting it to keep its headings etc is not supported. That is the one huge drawback to using Writer and a big disappointment to me when I found out about it. That was the whole reason I bought it, so I could import my novel formatted in Word into Writer and write on the go.