How to handwrite a question mark

iOS and iPadOS

I don't use VoiceOver handwriting a great deal myself, but one of my trainees uses it a lot. He reported difficulty entering a question mark and neither of us can persuade iOS9.1 to let us handwrite a question mark. It always comes out as a comma. I can't remember if it was easier to enter a question mark in earlier versions of iOS. I thought that the doitwrite app might help, but it's behaving very oddly on my iPad Air right now.Does anyone know how to handwrite a question mark please?



Submitted by Chuck on Friday, October 30, 2015

If you are, start at ten o'clock and draw a circle going clockwise until you reach the bottom of the circle, where the six o'clock would be. Now, without lifting your finger, draw a line straight down, about half the size of the partial circle you just drew.
Now put a dot just below the line.

Thanks Chuck for the very clear explanation. But that's what I've been doing on both my iPhone 6 and my iPad Air. The result is totally consistent on both. Handwriting treats this as a comma, no matter how swiftly I draw the dot at the base of the question mark. I have noticed that there is an interaction between Zoom and handwriting. If zoom is enabled, then the three finger swipe up or down to change from upper to lower etc. is not recognised so I had to turn off zoom in order to enable handwriting to interpret punctuation. I've not tested enough to check if this is always repeatable but what continues to be repeatable is my inability to draw a question mark! I'm on iPhone 6 and iPad Air with iOS 9.1. My trainee has an iPad Air 2 with the same problem. Is your hardware or iOS version different from ours, please? Also, I'm on English UK keyboard, but the problem persists if I switch to English US.