How to forward text Messages?

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Friends, I am using Iphone 4S with IOS 7. I am new to Apple World. In My learning process I wanted to Know, How to forward the received text messages? As I am not getting any options to forwardthe the message.



Submitted by John Trautschold on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Interesting question, and unfortunately, I don't have a good answer for you. With Voiceover off, it's easy. Just click and hold on the message you wish to forward. A pop up appears with the selection "Copy" and "More". Selecting "More" then gives you the ability to "share" the message with someone else. With Voiceover on, clicking and holding on the message doesn't pop up the "Copy" and "More" selections and the rotor doesn't have a "share" selection. Perhaps there's a bug in the new iOS 7 that needs to be fixed? Anyone else have a solution to this issue?

The option is found via the rotor under Actions > More. I was able to do this with a Braille display also. 1. Double tap the message to select (or braille display equivalent). 2. Change the rotor to "Actions." 3. flick to the "More..." choice. 4. Select "More..." 5. Flick to "Forward" and select it. 6. New message screen appears. Address message and send.

If you double tap and hold on a text message, an additional menu is popping up. The only problem is that voice over is not announcing this menu. You can however lift your finger and move up about a quarter of an inch and tap. Once you do this, voiceover will start reading this menu to you. You can flick left or right mfor ore options.

Using the Actions Menu in the VoiceOver Rotor To Quickly Access Options in the iOS Messages and Mail Apps Posted on Thursday 21 November 2013 In this podcast, Marco takes a look at how using the Actions menu in the VoiceOver rotor can be used in the Messages and Mail apps on iOS 7. In the case of Messages, he shows us how it gives access to options previously available via the Edit button in earlier versions of iOS - such as deleting specific messages in a discussion, forwarding messages and accessing links contained in messages. He then shows the options available via the Actions menu when browsing email messages. Whilst in the Mail app, he takes a look at accessing attachments. He the concludes by looking at what VoiceOver users can do when they encounter a telephone number, in this case on a web page. Read more Podcast File: audio/mpeg icon step by step #1 open messages app #2 select the contact folder #3 select one of the messages line from the list. #4 bring the rotor feature using 2 finger do the rotate gesture, select Actions or simple on the message line do flick down #5 using one finger do flick gesture down select more... press double tap. #6 go to the bottom bring two buttons delete and Forward #7 hit on Forward. #8 new screen voiceOver focus will be on to: Text edit insert the number or if you have saved as contact from phonebook do flick right gesture #9 select ADD contact. #10 new screen bring the contacts list, select one of them #11 add text or simple hit on send button. the original record is about 30 minutes but apple vis forun do the short version and it takes only about 20.

Submitted by Deborah Armstrong on Thursday, March 23, 2017

These instructions with the Actions menu work great on my iPHONE 5C with iOS 10. They don't work on an old device with iOS 6 because there is no actions on the VO rotor menu. I know most people have upgraded, but because this thread was originally posted by someone on an old phone, I wanted to include the info about the older iOS here. Double-tap and hold does usually bring up actions even on iOS6 for many items, but often the resulting menu is not read and you have to flick around to locate it. Hope that helps users on older devices that can't be upgraded!

With VoiceOver on, to forward a text or imessage on an iPhone, do the following. Touch once the text message you wish to forward. Then flick down once and it will say "react". Flick down again, and it will say "copy." Flick down a third time, and it will say "more." Double tap the screen and it will present several choices, one in each corner of the screen. "Forward" is in the bottom right hand corner. Double tap it. This action selects your message and brings up the, "To", text field at the top of the screen. Enter the addressee and send message as usual.