How do you delete audio books in Audible?

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Dear All, Some months ago I saw a post which explained in easy step-by-step instructions how to delete audio books from Audible. However, I can't find it anywhere. I can see the delete button at the top right of my iPhone 5S but when I double tap and it says 'on' I don't know what to do next. I've tried highlighting books, double tapping and sliding right etc. but nothing happens. All I get is a percentage come-up which says 100 per cent but the books are still there! Can someone tell me how to do it please? Kind regards, Steve.



Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Friday, November 22, 2013

Steve, It all depends where you're trying to delete the files. You cannot delete books from the cloud, only from your device. Open the Audible app and select "My Library" this tab is is in the bottom left of your screen. Along the top of the screen are "Settings" "Cloud" "Device" "iTunes" and Delete" Forget about this last, it doesn't seem to do anything. Double tap on the "Device" tab. Flick around until you find the book you want to remove from your device then flick down. Voiceover should announce "Remove" and you double tap to remove it. If you don't hear the remove option you'll need to use the rota control until you hear "Actions" then you can flick down. Hope this helps.

Submitted by steven carey on Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hi Yorkshire-Drew, I assume Yorkshire in the United Kingdom? Thank you, worked a treat. I do wonder sometimes about the need for app developers to confuse us blind people with buttons that say they do something but don't! However, it might just be that some of us in 'the south' and especially Essex are a little dim! Steve.

Steve, Yes, I'm from Yorkshire in the north of England. And we must be as dim as you guys in Essex because as far as I can tell, the "delete" tab doesn't do anything. But glad the flick down does. You'll find the same gesture works in a number of other apps, too. It's pretty useful. Downcast didn't used to offer this functionality, making the deleting of podcasts a real pain. I pointed this out to them and they added it to the next update. Happy listening. Andrew

Submitted by Barbara on Saturday, November 23, 2013

I delete books in Audible using the delete button. You can delete multiple books simultaneously. Activate the delete button and select the book or books you want to delete. After you delete the item(s), select the Cloud button. Then, select the Device button once more. When you look at your device listing of books, you will see that the books are deleted.

Submitted by MissThea on Friday, September 27, 2019

Hi. Deleting a book from my iPhone seems like a hit and miss.
I followed instructions to the letter. But the roto-control doesn't offer an actions option: just characters, words, containers, and headings. I tried them all.
All the sightie answers include clicking on three red dots, which VoiceOver doesn't speak. Dammit-janet, this is frustrating!

Submitted by dvdmth on Friday, September 27, 2019

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The Audible app has changed dramatically since this forum topic was created. Here is how audiobooks are deleted now:

1. Go to the library tab in the app.

2. Double-tap the Delete button near the top of the screen.

3. Look for the audiobook you want to delete in the list.

4. Swipe once to the left. VoiceOver should be on an element called Delete from Device. Be sure to swipe left, not right, or else you will delete the wrong audiobook.

5. Double-tap. After a short delay, VoiceOver should say Delete from Device again.

6. Double-tap again. The audiobook is now gone.

7. Go back to the top of the screen and double-tap the Delete button again. This will take you out of delete mode, although VoiceOver does not make this clear.

I hope one day Audible can bring back the ability to delete audiobooks with the actions rotor, like you used to years ago, and I even suggested it a while back when giving them feedback, but so far they haven’t done it.