How do I use “I Message”

iOS and iPadOS

I would like to learn how to use this feature and are there any guides on this one. How do I set it up and is it safe? For a beginner like me. Thank you for any help with this subject.



Submitted by Lukas on Friday, January 10, 2020

It's simple, really. You just set up an Apple ID and iCloud. Have you done that yet, or if not, do you know how to do this part? If you just got a new phone or iPad, it should have guided you through this part during the initial setup, unless you decided to skip that. All you do after that is just go to the Settings app from the home screen, scroll down to Messages, and make sure that the iMessage checkbox is checked. From now on, whenever you receive a message from anyone in your contacts who also has iMessage enabled, or if you want to send one to someone in your contacts who has iMessage enabled, the message will just go through that way. You use the Messages app for that as expected. You don't need to do anything else yourself. iOS just figures out automatically whether to send the message through iMessage, i.e. if the other party uses this service, or as an ordinary SMS.
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Submitted by Blind angel 444 on Friday, January 10, 2020

Yes I have the FirsT part set up and now I’ll look into the next part. Can I get messages on my iPad? Can the person see any of my personal information? Since my family uses “Android” and I have “Apple”, then how can I send them messages too? If possible. How do I know when I’m get a new message?

Submitted by Lukas on Friday, January 10, 2020

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They can see only your name and phone number and/or e-mail, depending on which you set to be used as sender information in the iMessage settings. Optionally, I believe since iOS 13 it's possible to add a photo and/or emoji or status message, but if you don't fill those out, they won't be seen. Even if you do fill these out, you can configure them to be visible only to your contacts, all configured in iMessage settings.

iMessage only works between Apple devices and users. You can receive and send them from any Apple devices, they are linked between them and you can even set them to be stored in iCloud. All of this is really simple and apparent, though, it suffices to just look around the respective part of Settings. These rudimentary basics are explained there clearly enough, in my opinion.

If someone uses Android, they just won't be able to send or receive iMessages, simple as that. This service only works with Apple. It's not all that different from standard SMS in the essentials, though, unless you plan to use visual stuff like animojis, iMessage apps, audio messages (other apps are better for that anyway), etc. If you just need to send a message, you don't need to care about anything. When sending a message, if you flick to the send button, VoiceOver will tell you if it's going to be sent as an iMessage or text message as long as you have Speak hints turned on in Settings->accessibility->VoiceOver->verbosity. If the other person doesn't have iMessage, then your message will just simply be automatically sent as a standard text message through your carrier.