How do I get iPhone to stop policing my passwords?

iOS and iPadOS

The iPhone since the update has been policing my passwords. So for instance, even when I’ve saved a password to use on a particular app or website, when I go to use that web or apps website or app, the iPhone acts like I have the incorrect password. But when I look at my saved passwords, the password is correct but it’s dimmed. God please help. I’m desperate. I can’t create a strong password every time I need to use a website or an app and I don’t work for the bloody FBI so it’s not like anything I do is going to net anyone any money or power. All I want to do is be able to save the few passwords I can remember without having to go through a freaking Spanish inquisition every time I try to get into an account or a website. Does anyone know how I can stop iPhone from policing my passwords and throwing them all out on account that the iPhone thinks I’ve use the password too many times? Linus is not the only thing I’m dealing with. Even if it was, I still don’t think iPhone should have the right to police my passwords. It’s making my life a living hell.



Submitted by Edward Louie on Monday, January 3, 2022

On the App or website, find the username and password edit box, click on password for this website, after that use touch ID or Face ID to authenticate, then it’s going to auto fill. For instance, on the AppleVis website, you tap login and find the username edit box, sometimes at the bottom of the screen you may see an option to use a user name, you can do that or click the keyboard icon, it’s labeled keyboard with voiceover. Next, find the button that says password for this website to fill it out.
To edit your passwords saved, go to settings, click passwords, use your face ID or touch ID, find the website you want to edit, next, find the button that says edit, now you can choose between the username and password edit box to change the saved passwords