How do I Erase Backups in iCloud?

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all. I am new here but have been browsing the forums for a long time. I seem to have an issue with my icloud; It looks like I have two backups on it and because of that I cannot make a new backup because it says it is full. It cannot be full, seing that I can only have 5 gb on my phone so I think I have duplicate backups. How do I erase them?



Submitted by tunmi13 on Saturday, July 2, 2016

1) From the Home Screen, open Settings.
2) Tap General.
3) Scroll down to Storage and iCloud Usage.
4) Press the Manage Storage button in the iCloud section, not the device's storage section.
5) Tap on the backup you want to delete and press the Delete Backup button.

Submitted by Sabrina Mari F… on Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hi. Thanks for your help. I got rid of the backup that was eating space and now it works just fine to backup my phone. Thank you.