How do I add contacts to a group?

iOS & iPadOS

Hello Everyone,Apple teach fan, meny tahnks for your answer. I created a group through Siri but, if afterwards I would like to add a new contact to this created group, how can I do it?, I tried to go to information, add nw contact, and there I go to add a new contact, and it appears my contact list. However, if I select a contact, it oppens the windows with the contact details (name, phone, message, etc.) but I don't find the way for selecting it and adding it to the group. Please, could someone tell me what I am doing wrong and how shoud I do?.
By the way, I would like to answer to the "Apple teach fan" message, but I don't find the way to do it, and because of this I should create a new forum topic. I appoogize for that.
Many thanks in advance.



Submitted by peter on Friday, November 6, 2020

I know I've done this before but forgot how. In any case, I believe that you can only use the Groups feature for contacts if every one of your recipients has an iOS device. Since that is rarely true, after I set this up I found I couldn't use it since not everyone has an iPhone!

Would love to learn otherwise.