how to display "the most recent" actualities first with facebook for ipad?

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all!
I have got a big problem, which ennoys me so much.
I've got an ipad air 2nd generation, with ios8.1.1 and the last facebook update.
I don't manage to sort my actuality feed, in order to display the most recent publications first, is someone have got workarounds to help me?
thanks in advance!



Submitted by Ken Downey on Thursday, November 27, 2014

Even cited people complain about this. Is nothing to be done. That's iPhone and iPad… It's Facebook garbage. Are you can do is hit the more button, and then scroll way down till it says most recent's… And you still probably won't get the most recent's.

I wanted use the "more buttons like in my iphone to access these options, but on facebook for ipad, I can't find it!
That's the reason why I ask the question about it here, in order to have help.
In fact, with facebook for ipad, I don't have the tabs which are in bottom of the screen, I have the menu on top, "main menu, then messages, the notifications, etc!
Thanks for your answer