How to delete stations in Pandora Radio?

iOS and iPadOS

I am having issues with Pandora Radio on iPhone 5s. iOS and the app itself are up to date. But when I want to delete stations (when not in Shuffle mode obviously), there is no actions tab on the rotor toallow you to bring up the delete button. There is no edit button on the top right corner of the screen either. I am V/I, therefore I can visually turn off VoiceOver and swipe my finger from right to left to bring up the delete button. Does anyone know of a different way to delete stations? Maybe I have overlooked something, but I have tried everything and like I said before, the rotor has no actionsselection. So if anyone knows, I would really appreciate it.



Submitted by dvdmth on Monday, February 2, 2015

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While the station is playing, look for a station options button next to the station name. One of the options in the submenu is to delete the station.

If the station is not currently playing, double-tap and hold on the station name, and the options menu should come up after a few seconds.

This is how deleting stations works on the iPad. As far as I know, the iPhone interface works the same way, but since I don't have an iPhone, I cannot confirm it.

Submitted by david12581 on Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Well thanks. At least you tried. But it may be that iPad menu options are different as you assume. I have no iPad, so I wouldn't know either. There is no "station option" in that screen. I did find "station personalization", but I found no way to delete the station in there either. Also I found "more menu options" without a solution either. And I tapped the title menu while station is not playing and nothing happened. But I thank you for your help. Still if anyone else knows how to delete stations, please let me know.

Submitted by dvdmth on Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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I just looked at the Pandora page about the iPhone version, and indeed it has a very different interface. I knew they made significant changes to the iPhone app, but I didn't realize how different they are.

So try this. While the station name has focus, double-tap and hold, then swipe left when you hear the three rising tones. This should bring up icons for deleting and editing the station. If VoiceOver does not see them, try leaving the app and re-opening it, and see if they show up to VoiceOver then.

Let me know how well this works. I have been told that the iPad version will soon get the same interface changes that have been pushed out to the iPhone app, so I am very much interested in how this works out.