how to create folder in iphone music?

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pleas tell me how to creat new folder in my iphone music because i have many mp3 files in my iphone music like songs islamic sum audio books and many studies lactures dear friends i want to these files devided in sepret sepret folder pleas help me how can i do it? how to creat new folder in music in my iphone



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When you sync audio to iOS, it reorganises the content. The actual folders and files are renamed and you can't see them anyway, without a jailbreak. So, the music app relies completely on tags. So you can't make folders, but what you can do is create a couple of playlists and split the content up that way as well. on iOS itself, you can create a simple playlist where you just add tracks to it. On iTunes, you can create "smart playlists", which are dynamically generated based on the criteria you give it (EG include any tracks that have lecture in their name and are longer than half an hour). While you're in iTunes, you can also tag spoken word as audiobooks, which will do a few things. First, it will skip them when you shuffle music. It will also move them to a separate "audio books" section in the music app under the more tab. It will also add a playback speed toggle to the now playing screen. To do that, you select one or more tracks, then press the "get info" command, (Command-i on mac, ctrl+i on windows), and go to the forth "options" tab. Now set the media kind to audiobook and you can then tweak the other options like skip when shuffling, remember position, etc. Then press OK to accept, and go ahead and sync with your phone. Your smart playlists and tag changes should also be reflected in iOS.