How can I use the Microsoft Word app on my IPad in conjunction with ICloud?

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Hi all

I have downloaded the Microsoft Word app onto my IPad and IPhone. I'm really enjoying using it. In the latest update I read that the app can now be used in conjunction with ICloud (saving documents onto ICloud etc etc). However, despite my best efforts I can't work out how to set this up/save documents onto ICloud from the MS Word app. So was just wondering if anyone has any ideas how I go aboutt using it?? It sounds like a great addition, and one I'd definitely use ... if I could find out how to set up/activate/access it that is.

Thanks in advance ffor any help.




Submitted by Ahmed Khater on Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I am very much interested in using Microsoft Word on my iPad Air2 128 GB with cellular. First, where Can I get this app? second, is it a paid or a free app? third, is there any voice-over-based tutorial on using this app with iPad.

Thank you.

Dr. Ahmed Khater