Hoping to Eliminate Confirmation Prompts for Some iOS Shortcuts

iOS and iPadOS


I am hoping someone can help me. I searched for and added the “skip back” and “skip forward” commands to my shortcuts. My desire is to map the 4-finger flick left and 4-finger flick right Voiceover commands to “skip back” and “skip forward” respectively. I also desire to activate “skip back” and “skip forward” via Voice Control in iOS 13 and above. Here’s the rub. Though I succeeded in all of these mappings, I am always shown a confirmation prompt. In simple text form, it consists of the 4 following items. Note that for item 3, it also could say “Run Skip forward”.

“Dismiss Button
Run Skip Back
Run Button”

Also, in Settings>Accessibility>Voice Control and under the COMMAND FEEDBACK Heading, I have “Show Confirmation” switched to off. So, either this control is not designed to help with my goal, or it simply is not working.

Can anyone tell me how to configure things properly so that when I perform the commands I described above by whatever means, my “skip back” and “skip forward” actions are accomplished right away with no further action required? I kind of think Shortcuts is either not user-friendly enough or just overrated. But I’m trying to be as positive and proactive as possible. I can use a Bluetooth keyboard with media buttons, the buttons on my headphones, and Siri (I have mixed success with Siri) to accomplish my goals. But I am hoping to navigate my audio content just as easily directly on the touch screen and via iOS Voice Control. I don’t know why “skip back” and “skip forward” are still not included in the many items to pick from when customizing Voiceover Commands.



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