HiHello business card app

iOS and iPadOS

I came across an app for creating/sharing digital business cards called HiHello. I was able to create a basic card with my contact details and a photo of me but hit a problem when trying to share the card by e-mail. That part seems inaccessible and I got a sighted person to do it for me. I'm wondering whether anyone here would be interested in trying the app and seeing how you get on with it? I'm writing to the developer to encourage them to improve the accessibility and hope that, if others here are interested in the app too and express an interest to them, that would help. I thought it was a handy, accessible alternative to handing out physical business cards at events as it's cross-platform and you could (I think, though I haven't tried) have several different cards for different purposes. The link is https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hihello-business-card-maker/id1378114205


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