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in the Tubi TV app, with voiceover on my iPhone, I choose a TV show from third, but I cannot select an individual episode from season. Only three or four episodes appear. When I use the same app on Apple TV, I can see all of the episodes in a row going horizontally across the screen using direct touch. How do I access all season episodes with voiceover on my iPhone? With the Tubi TV app? in the iPhone app I choose an episode by searching for it. I'm sorry I mean I choose a TV show by searching for it and then I try to choose an individual episode and only three out of the 26 episodes appear but the Apple TV app works OK. is there a bug with the iPhone app which doesn't let me see all the episodes? Tubi TV is free, so you can download it and see for yourself.



Submitted by That Blind Canuck on Friday, July 17, 2020

I've also tried to view a television show on Tubi, and like you, could only see the first few episodes of each season. For example, I've tried searching for a classic, The Beverly Hillbillies, and only saw the first few episodes from season one and two.

Although, when viewing this show in Apple's own TV app, I could see all episodes for each season.

Sadly, accessibility for apps from various channels can be hit or miss. For this reason, I much rather prefer using the TV app to manage my TV watching experience.

When there's a show that's currently airing, I add it to my watch list and, as long as the channel's app is connected to the TV app, each time a new episode is available, it pops up on the "Watch Now" tab. All I have to do is double tap the episode and my iPhone opens the app the show is on and starts playing it. Once you've watched the episode, if you close the channel's app and return to the TV app, then the episode is removed from the Watch Now list. If not, you just have to double-tap and hold for a few seconds, then a context menu pops up and you just swipe to "Mark this episode as watched" and the episode disappears. This doesn't happen often, but at least there's a way to mark an episode as watched.

If you searched for an old show that's no longer on the air, you tap on the show, go to the list of episodes, double tap on the specific episode, which opens the episodes detail page, there should be a Play button under the title, if you have the channel's or service's app installed. If you don't, then under the "How To Watch" heading, there you'll find a list of all channels or services that have that show.

I know some don't like Apple's TV app, and that's their choice, but personally, I myself love it and find it easier to find shows I want to watch and manage my "watching" experience.