Help with ooTunes radio

iOS and iPadOS
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how I can record streaming audio when using oo tune radio? I dont see the record option when listening to a station. Thanks for the help!



Submitted by Toonhead on Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hi Oo Tunes automaticly records what you're listening to, so what you'll need to do is go to the recordings tab and you'll see the current list of recordings. You can configure how many recordings oo tunes keeps for you to play, and there are other options for it too, so if it's not recording what you want it to or if it's not acting the way you like, you can make some fine adjustments. The developer mentioned that if all goes well the next version will have a dedicated record button, so if you're listening to a stream and you just gotta record it, you can press it and it'll start recording right away. Very nice! I hope this helps.

Thanks, that answers my question well. I was wondering, is there a way to copy the recordings on a pc? Also, is there a time limit for a recording? For example, I often listen to hockey games on the radio, so can I record the full game and keep it? Thanks again for the help

Hi Unfortunately, at least to my knowledge, the recordings can't be exported to the pc, due to some kind of restriction that apple has, or at least that's what i've been lead to believe. As far as time limits, i think it'll go for as long as you have space for, so I believe the answer on that one is most likkely yes. I've not tried to record a stream for a long time to see how Oo Tunes behaves. But you can sure give it a try and see what happens.