Help needed updating my Apple ID on an iPhone 5s

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Hi all.
Now I managed to change my e-mail address with apple. But now I sit with a problem. My IPHone won't let me download any aps. I went to the ap store to update the true or false game. I was asked for my apple id password. the apple id that was given is my old e-mail address that is no longer working. I went to the ap store on my IPhone to update the true or false game after I got the message on the apple site that my address has been verified. I made a clear note of my password in a text file on my windows pc.
So I carefully typed in the password character for character into the field that asks for it on my IPHone.
voiceover also told me there has been entered 9 characters.
My password consists of 9 characters.
What could be the problem?
I haven't changed my password.
Its the same password, its only my e-mail address that has been changed.
Any help you could give would be much appreciated.



Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hi. If your email address isn't working anymore, you'll need to set your apple ID so it points to your valid email address. You can't have it pointing to a non-working one, in case a situation like this happens, where you're essentially locked out. So you'll need to go on apple's website and log in with your credentials and in the section for email address, you'll need to change it to the new one.

HI Toonhead. I just need to ensure that I understand you correctly. Is it essential for me to make changes on apple's website using only the safari web browser on my IPHone? I have a new e-mail address and I have already changed my new address with apple. Many thanks for your response.

Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hi. Actually, you can do this from within the iTunes app. there is a section where you can change your account info, so you'll need to go in there, and update your email address that way.

HI Toonhead. I'm completely lost. Please could you give me steps how to go about changing my e-mail address in the iTunes ap? I have the IPhone5s. After double tapping on the icon on the home screen that says itunes store, I get 5 tabs at the bottom: films, music, tones, search and more. If I click on the more tab then there is a place to sign in but then it shows my old e-mail address, not my current one. There is only one field for me to type in, only a field asking for my password. then I enter my password which I'm sure is the one as I made an ote of every single letter and number of the password. then I double tap on ok. now I am told that the password or apple id is incorrect but it didn't gave me a place to enter my current e-mail address and I am 100 percent certain my apple id or e-mail address with apple is changed. I got a verification e-mail from apple asking me to verify by clicking on the link they gave in an e-mail message from them. Then on the web page I got, I was told my e-mail address has been changed. Any help you could give is much appreciated. Bfn NIcol

Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hi. 1. go to the music tab in the iTunes store app, and keep swiping to the right until you hear VoiceOver say Apple ID, followed by an email address that is most likely your old one.
2. double tap on that button and on the next screen, swipe over to the right once and VoiceOver will say, view apple ID, button. double tap on that.

3. on the next screen you'll see a button that says the same exact thing, Apple ID, followed by your email address, once again probably your old one. On the next screen that comes up is the area where you can change your account details i.e. email address, password, etc.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hi Nicol
if still iTunes is showing your old or previous email account as apple ID on your iOS device.
and you are facing issues logging using the passcode, there fiew things you can do as the previous post mention above changing on iTunes app.
try open settings app
go to
iTunes & app store
apple ID following for your name and usual name
if showed to you previous email account
double tap using 1 finger and there fiew option very similar as iTunes app
view my apple ID
sign out
choose one but personaaly I will go for the second one
sign out it will remove the apple ID from my device.
Note: make sure that is not using the previous user name from
app stor
and other apple services as facetime, iMessage
remove the previous user name and set the new one
sometimes is not to logic but only rebooting your iOS device and typing again the passcodes fix the issues.

Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wow thanks for that, I never thought to try that! If I would've known that I would've recommended that from the beginning. thank you!