Help With Editing Duration Of Photo In Video On IMovie

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Hello everybody!

I think this is my first time making a post here on Apple Vis.

Anyway, I need help figuring out how to edit the duration of a photo clip that I want to use for a video I'm trying to make with IMovie on my IPhone.

So far I haven't been able to figure out how to do it on my own and I haven't gotten any luck by asking for help in other places such as the IPhone for the Blind group on Facebook or on VoRail.

I have a single photo clip that is of some artwork that a friend made for me a few years ago. I'd like to either use that single photo or a few duplicates of that photo to use for the visual side of the video I want to make for youtube.

So far, the duration for the photo on IMovie says it's 9 seconds long but I can't seem to change the duration no matter what I try to do.

The audio clip that I'm planning on using with this photo is about 28 minutes and thirty seconds long.

I mean, I would love to find a guide or tutorial for IMovie with Voiceover for the IPhone in general, as I really don't know much about IMovie except for the very bare bones basics, but I'm more concerned about this specific issue at the moment.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully being able to help me out with this problem!



Submitted by Robert Lee Brown on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

So, while playing around with IMovie some more, the closest thing I've found to what I'm looking for is the trim option. So far the only way I can use it is by using the keyboard shortcut for it..But so far all I can seem to do with it is decrease the duration of my photo clip(s), when what I'm wanting to do is increase the duration of them.

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