help with e-mail clients

iOS and iPadOS

First things first: I don't have any kind of computer.
Okay, so I had low storage and I also decided to get an outlook email address. I reinstalled the app and could easily sign in to the new account.
The problem was that it no longer bundled the e-mails, like for example, I would get all the messages from iOs app entry Feer.
Now, I get all of them in separate messages.
So I installed Outlook instead and yes, I love it. But I have the same problem on there.
This is very annoying because every time I go to sleep I get about twenty e-mails I have to read through. And I have to sort what to read, one by one.
Is there a solusion?



Submitted by venova on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I found a way. I just reverted to my old e-mail address wich is better because then I don't have to switch on every single place where I do need an e-mail address.