help with choosing an episode with tubi tv free app

iOS and iPadOS

if you go into the Tubi TV app and you choose the explorer tab and then you search for spellbinder,, and then you pick the spellbinder TV show, it only shows the first three episodes. I cannot scroll to see the rest of the episodes. Using Apple TV and voiceover on the Apple TV box, I can see all episodes. What am I doing wrong? is this a bug in iOS 13.6? Or is it a bug in the Tubi TV app? Please download the app and see if you get the same results that I do. I don't know why I can choose and see all episodes with voiceover on Apple TV but not with voiceover on the iPhone. in the meantime I uninstall the app and I will probably just use the free Tubi TV service on the Safari web browser on my phone and iPad. Until the app is fixed or until somebody can help with a workaround. Thank you.