Having trouble changing toggle settings in gboard

iOS and iPadOS


I'm a new IOS user of only a few weeks, migrating from Android. I'm using an iPhone SE and IOS 11.4

I've installed the gboard keyboard app from Google. I'm able to select it and use it as a keyboard, but when I open the app itself to configure it, I'm having issues.

Under "Keyboard Settings" I want to turn on voice input, the number row and showing of the . on the keyboard.

When I focus on one of these options, say voice input, Voiceover says "Voice input. Double tap to toggle setting". Double tapping doesn't seem to do anything, and there is no indication as to whether the setting is already on or off.

I seem to recall reading that a triple-tap in voiceover is the equivalent of a double-tap when VO is off. I have tried this, too, also with no observable result.

Also, the settings aren't silently changing because the keyboard still lacks number row and voice input.

Can anyone else check and see if they're having the same issues, or advise me as to what I'm doing wrong if it's obvious? It's bewildering, but being so new to IOS I'm hoping it's just user error.