having issues with the invision AI update

iOS & iPadOS

I hope the developer of invision AI is reading this.
I'm having issues with the invision AI update. The barcode scanner is not working at all. No matter what I scan the app is telling me it's not a recognized barcode even though I've scanned these items before under the previous version. I did the usual, reboot my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it's still not working. It sees the barcode but says it's not recognized. Another issue I'm having as it's slow to respond and I find it to be sluggish with voiceover. I tried emailing the app developer by using the send us feedback but it does not work well with voiceover either. I can't even find the send button and double tapping on enter does not work.
It figures, another OCR app that's starting to go down hill just like all of them, they were good at one time but have turned to crap. I guess it's time we get rid of all OCR apps and go to aira or be my eyes. If they can't fix the bugs then invision AI should give me my money back. If this is helpful I'm using an iPhone8 with 13.5.1 and the issues did not start until I updated this app.