Having an Issue With Swarm.

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I'm having a rather interesting issue with the latest version of swarm in conjunction with Voiceover. I opened the app today to try setting something up and finished up with a notification dealing with messaging. I was unable to get past that notification no matter what I did. When I tap the bottom right corner of the screen, I finish up with "page 1 of 4". From there, I can't navigate to the next page, whether I double tap on the "page 1 of 4" notification, triple tap on it, swipe left or right, up or down, triple tap, or rotor to vertical navigation. Thanks to that issue, I'm currently unable to use swarm. I hope someone knows how to get me past that issue, or if no one can, I hope the developer of the app addresses that issue in the next update.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Swipe left with 3 fingers until you get to the final page, then hit continue. It's a tour basically

Take care.

I'll definitely give it a try. I don't know why that tour's giving me issues, when the ones I've run across on other apps haven't done the same thing. I guess Swarm just wants to see if it can make monkeys out of iOS users lol.

Submitted by Steve Mann on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thanks much. That helped enormously! *smiles*

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