Has anyone tried Keynote iOS app for accessibility

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Hi, Haven't seen any reviews on this app here, so thought to ask if anyone has actually tried Keynote for iOS to see if it is any more accessible than its Mac counterpart? Thanks for any pointers. Best, Victor



Submitted by BlindEducator on Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last time I tried KeyNote, Was when the when my g/f told me about the accessability with Pages. Then I heard the podcast on here about it. So I decided to try the whole iWorks suite. As far as I know and tried. KeyNote is doable when creating your presentation. However, when it comes to view the presentation in slide view. It's a no go. You'll be able to read the presentation if you have the template view as if you are creating or editing a presentation. However, if you would like to read in slide mode like in Windows PowerPoint. That is not accessible. Hope this answers your question.