Has anybody in the UK tried the new Sky Q app?

iOS and iPadOS

Bit of a long shot but was just wondering if anyone in the UK has used the new Sky Q app for the iPAd yet, and if so, what's it like with voiceover?



Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hi, so downgraded my iPad to 12.4 and got onto the sky q box. I've downloaded a program from the box to iPad but am not sure how to get the audio description working as there doesn't appear to be an option. The show does include audio description.

Submitted by James O'Dell on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hi Oliver. Other than the IOS13 issue which Peter refers to above, the only other reason I can think of re why you cannot see the recordings at your parents' house would be if you are not signed into the app with their Sky ID and password, which you can do in settings. Or perhaps they have more than one Wifi network and you are not on the same network as the Sky Q Box? I know that one is a long shot.

Submitted by James O'Dell on Sunday, August 25, 2019

While I am here I would just like to thank Peter for going to the effort of writing to Sky alleging discrimination and persuading them to refund the multi-sscreen subscription. It has made a real difference in enabling me and others to access Sky Q with the new Sky Go app and this now finally provides a much better experience.

Submitted by James O'Dell on Sunday, August 25, 2019

HI Oliver. Does the recording you are trying to play have AD if played on the Sky box itself?

My understanding is that for audio description to work in-app, the audio description setting on the box itself will need to have been enabled when the programme was recorded (otherwise the AD will not have been included in the recording). The AD will also not have been included in the recording if you are out of London and it was recorded from either channel 101 or 102 - BBC1 and BBC 2 - use 954 and 969 instead. The Audio description setting on the box will also need to be enabled at the point when you stream or download a show to a phone or Ipad. I understand that Sky Q records the AD separately, which means if you turn the AD setting off and play something recorded with AD, the AD will not play. On-demand shows also do not have AD.

To clarify, there is no AD setting in the app itself, whether you get AD when streaming or downloading depends on the AD setting on the box being on at the time of recording and streaming/downloading and the right channel being recorded etc.

Hope this helps.

Submitted by SkyAccess on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hi Oliver. Just for clarification. Are you using the Sky Go app or the Sky Q app? And if it is Sky Go, is it definitely the new version. This is being rolled out over a few weeks, so it's possible you're still on the old one.
The easiest way to tell is to check if you still have the side menu on the left of the screen, or do you have the tabs at the bottom of the screen?

Submitted by Bingo Little on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hi all,

Apologies for asking for another summary but I'm about to upgrade to skyQ as my Sky+ is getting rather ancient now and experiencing more an more crashes. As I understand it, the app is much better in terms of accessibility but I still need multi-screen to make it work. Multi-screen should be discounted for blind customers as a reasonable adjustment. That way I can browse recordings, interact with audio description, stream to a mobile device from the box and so on, but I can't use the app to play a recording on the TV to which the box is connected. however, I can still play a recording on the TV to which the box is connected via voice control, so that limitation's not the end of the world.

Am I right about all this? is there anything I have missed out? Also, and forgive me if this has been covered previously in this discussion, can you tell me a little bit more about getting programmes to play using your voice? Is it some sort of alexa-style process?

Submitted by Michael on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Hello there. Yob the new sky Q app is very accessible. It will be the sky go app will be one as sky Q app has been discontinued. Also following on from you think that the sky multiview which package should be discounted. Over here in Ireland. I have contacted sky are numerous occasions up to a year ago. And have now got it free. As you do not need to have a box in your other room. They can just put multi viewing on as a free option. As are you need to tell them as are you are vision paired are blind. And you do not wish to have multi view which to use an app that should be accessible at 100% as you cannot read the box. And I have received it free for 12 months and have had it over a year and a half now. Free. Also To use the speech process. You need to purchase a remote control I think they are €30. What a button on the side and you press that and speak into and remote control. Also when you’re getting your Sky Q set up maybe ask him for this box or sorry Remelle control they might throw in free. It might also be free today. As I say I’ve had my sky Q for maybe four years now. So as I said to use the speech process which sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. It is a bit tricky. As you may say play Coronation Street. It may then bring you into the folder sometimes. But you will not see that on the screen if you are fully blind. So when I say play Carnation Street it’s sometimes opens the folder if I have numerous Coronation Street in there. So sometimes it is easier to play a A single sure are a film usually works better. But when you are trying to play a folder with numerous shows on there. It gets a bit stupid then. But maybe I think as far as I heard from sky there is a big upgrade coming with the sky Q box this year. Which may fix a lot of these issues

Submitted by Bingo Little on Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thank you, Michael, that's really helpful. I'm glad it's working well for you. I think someone else said even where you've got lots of shows with the same name, like one of the soaps, you can still get it to play if you tell it to play the exact recording you want. so I'm guessing this means if you say: 'play coronation street 30th December 2019' that is what it will do. It's reassuring to hear it's working well for you though.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Friday, February 7, 2020


I was wondering what updates there have been on the accessibility of the sky Q service? I understand that sky go now offers audio description on some recorded programs however I can't seem to get this to work... Currently at my parents house. I do really like the concept, it's just the actualisation it's lacking.

Anyone managed to get AD working in the sky GO app? It says to activate subtitles on the official site, but I'm not sure if that means to turn them on or there is a way of simply turning on the option of having them on... Also, I'm not sure if the recordings I'm trying, even though they do have AD in the description such as his dark materials, will have AD when on Sky GO.

any help much appreciated.

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