Has anybody had any luck with NBA app for iOS?

iOS and iPadOS

Last year, I was able to use NBA's game time app to listen to any NBA game, hear highlights of recent games. Now, the interface of the app has changed drastically. I can't even seem to subscribe to League pass audio which is only $9.95. I see links for the full video packages, which are much more expensive and are of no interest to me. Has anyone had any success. I even tried on a PC. Their support has actually been very cooperative, but I haven't had a chance to call them when they are open.



Submitted by Ivor123 on Thursday, November 19, 2015

I downloaded the app and purchased the Audio League Pass. After making my purchase, I discovered that listening to radio broadcasts of games is not accessible. There is no way to know which game you are trying to access. Once you select a game, there is no way to start the broadcast playing. I'm going to ask for a refund.


After quite a long time, I decided to give the nba iOS app another try. When I opened the app, I could now see all the games that were in progress. When I clicked on a team, in this case the New York Knicks, I saw buttons for watch and listen. Clicking on listen turned on the live audio feed. I don't know if this is something they changed, I didn't see any mention about accessibility in updates, but that doesn't mean anything. The important thing is that I can listen to audio, and if I go on later, I can see the final scores, and even get a game summary.