Has anybody else started to experience problems with text selection on iOS?

iOS and iPadOS

Hello all,
Has anyone else noticed that lately the Text Slection rotor optio has ben very buggy? I’ve noticed within the last couple weeks tat eiher Text Slectin is not an optn at all when I ove through the rotor or whenit is there, it’s very buggy. As an example, last night I was trying to select an article in Safari and it would not let me select. I tried to do a select all which did work, but when I tried to copy, I could nt swipe through the Edit options. I was using the Reader view in Safari, but that honestly should not have anything to do with it. Using the pinch gesture wold have resulted in some not so appropriate words being said. Lol. Just curious if others are having similar issues with Text Selectio. I am uing an iPhone 8 running IOS 12.3.1.