Has anybody else had problems with Weatherbug?

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I bought the WeatherBug app for my iPhone 4, and it was great! I didn't have any problems with it until the update before last. Everything changed then. Most of the app can't be read now, with VoiceOver. I wrote to them and got no response. I upgraded to the iPhone 4S, and I still had problems. When the last update came out, I was excited, only to find that nothing changed.



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Yes, the older version of the Weatherbug worked great and flawless. It was one of my favorite weather app. Well, recently they came out with a major upgrade and which only to find that all of the buttons were unlabeled. One of our users here on AppleVis had contacted them with this issue. Let say they did try very hard to fix this issue for us. So the version now is a bit over labeled. So bad that that they even labeled over the humidity label, wind label, and etc. So it doesn't even tell us the numbers anymore. So I'm hoping that in the next version that they will once again correct this issue. I am glad that they have address our concerns and we just have to wait and see if this will be fixed or not.

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