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Hello. I have a few questions about GPS apps that probably, people might know a lot more answers than I do. So, to begin with, my parents have a stand-alone gps. Theirs will allow them to type in an address, and then give them directions to that specific address. It will also allow them to search for a place, such as McDonald's, or even if they can't type in the place they can look within, say, a 10-mile radius or whatever, and they can choose a category and then find the place they want to go to. The categories are very specific, for example, fast food, Italian, Mexican food, etc. I have a Trekker breeze, and I can type in an address if I know it, but the searches are very limited. For instance, I live around many restaurants, and it only gives me a few of them. Just restaurants. I can't search by category. What I want to kow is, is there an iPhone app that does what a stand-alone app does for sighted people? Is there one that allows you to search very specific categories, not just for food. And is there one that you can type in the address and it will give you very specific directions to get there? I have heard about lots and lots and lots of GPS apps, but none of them do everything I want them to. Are there any that are just as good with tiving directions as they are about finding points of interest? Are there any that are just as thorough in their points of interest as they are at giving directions? I feel like we're getting jipped as far as GPS apps go. I am considering buying the Seeing eye app but the ratings are either 5 stars or 1 star, you know, and I really want the purchase to be worth it. I am curious as to you guys' opinions on this GPS thing. I am writing this in a hurry so I am sorry for any errors or whatever, I just really wanted to ask while I was thinking about it. Thanks in advnce, and I'm hoping to find some answers from you guys.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, August 19, 2013

I use around me to search and navigon for my aviation. Both do a pretty good job and for me navigon is well worth the price. Around me aloows you to search for something near buy and even to call the place if the number is listed.

Submitted by Bat on Monday, August 19, 2013

I know you probably want only one app but, using a combo of them is your best bet. Around Me is good and BlindSquare has some features that makes walking a tad easier but it could be improved a lot. It also let's you send your destination to another GPS app for directions.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Hello Amber There are many choices Personally I suggest and recommend before to purchase one specific GPS listen the podcast according at each one of them. I will start with more basic and to make possible search's need two or three apps Okay like Marrie said around me also are others options like Yelp FourSquare these 3 apps give similar information and are free on the app Store all these 3 apps mention above only give location, address, phone numbers, distance, etc, and many more. NOTE but they are not GPS you need third party Turn by Turn navigation apps okay second group Navegation apps apps who provn spoken turn by turn guide navigation. Google Maps version 2.0 $ free apple maps only support driving mode, it doesn't work using walking mode, according at rumors it will give walking turn by turn on iOS7 TomTom $ depend the area where you live. Navigon $ depend the area where you live MotionX $ I think is 7.99 or 9.99 US per month okay and lasly the two apps who offer allot is up to you BlindSquare US$23.99 this app works all over the word seeing eye GPS $ 75 or 79 per one year subscription or $ 129 per 3 years I don't know the real prices but it is something around that.also this app only works for USA.

Submitted by xenacat3 on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I use the app called White and Yellow Pages or W&Y pages. It is free and allows for searching by name or category. Once you find the result, choosing it takes you to a page with additional info and toward the bottom is a button labelled "directions". After choosing this, if memory serves, you can locate a button labelled "start" which will begin monitoring your current location and giving directions as you progress. You can choose from Apple's maps app or Navigon, if you have it. Using the apple maps, you can choose from different routes and get text directions. I've tried Navigon and quickly came back to the W and Y pages app for its ease of use. These are just my personal observations/experiences and others likely know a lot more about the subject. My mom always mistrusts her sense of direction and the app has helped us often to be sure we're on the right track or to get back on the right track as the case may be. Lisa

Submitted by Amber on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Has anyone ever used the seeing eye app for GPS? How is it? What about apple maps? I want to know more about them because the iPhone userguide doesn't give you much info from an accessibility standpoint and I've played around with them a little. They seem to be accessible but you have to know how to use them and nobody talks about them on here. I wonder if anybody ever uses them. Also, what about google maps? I know a lot of sighted people use it and I was wondering if anybody has used that app and how accessible it is.

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