GPS designed for Low Vision/Blind

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all,

As many of you are aware, I have been working with a focus group on developing apps targetied to Low Vision and Blind folks.  During the discussion group we found a very strong desire is to have a GPS based navigation app created that would be accessible and fill in some specific needs for the blind.

I'm pleased to say that I didn't have time to develop this!  Someone beat me to it!  Check out Ariadne GPS in the App Store.  If people have been discussing this already on this forum, then I apologize that I have missed it.  However, if not, please check it out.  It's inexpensive (currently $2.99)  I downloaded it have have found it to be very well done.  It will speak the name of the stree you are on, the name of the street you are crossing, tell you the street address you are at on the current street.  It does provide a map that allows you to drag around and explore nearby items.  It is driven by voice-over.

I haven't gotten it to tell me the names of business.  I'm not sure if it's supposed to or not, but I will keep digging at that and update you.  ALso, it's lacking a compass, and the description says it should turn the map as you turn around in real space to allow you to more easily tell what is in which direction relative to your current position, but I have not been able to get it to do that (yet).  Also, there isn't a turn-by-turn route yet.  However, you can punch in a different location than you are currently at and explore virtually.

The last update (I believe it was 1.1) was released July 4, so the developer is active.  I plan on contacting him to throw in my two cents worth for enhancements.

Check it out!

Ben Vegiard
Twitter: @BenVegiard