Google search results no longer navigable by heading

iOS and iPadOS

Since updating from IOS 13 to IOS 14.5 I have noticed that google search results don't seem to be marked with h3 tags. The first one in a group will be marked with a heading, but subsequent results show up as links. Tried reporting this to google but they sent me to apple. Any one know of a fix for this? Not being able to scroll through search results efficiently is a pretty big inconvenience.



Submitted by Earle on Sunday, May 9, 2021

I am running the latest version of iOS and I'm having no problems with navigation. I can navigate through all of the results by headings. I did a search just now to make sure it still works, and it does.

Submitted by Cobbler on Sunday, May 9, 2021

My own experience is that when navigating by heading, VoiceOver focus typically skips many of the search results. Perhaps landing on about a quarter of those present.

Navigating by links appears to be more reliable, but means that I get more extraneous stops along the way.

On occasions I simply locate by touch.

Neither of my workarounds comes close to being as fast and easy as navigating by heading when it's working reliably.