Google search app turns off bluetooth earphone

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I have an iPhone 6 Plus with IOS 9.3, the latest update. When using VoiceOver through a bluetooth earphone, the sound reverts to the iPhone speaker when I launch the Google search or Google maps apps. This behavior is not new to the latest IOS update, it's been happening to me for some time. Am I missing some setting for the Google apps? Is there a procedure to follow to allow me to continue to hear VO over my bluetooth earphone when I launch these Google apps?




Submitted by david s on Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Same thing happens to me once in a very, very long time. In my case, it occurs when I hit play on my Bard mobile app. The fix for me is to turn BT off then back on. I first noticed this in IOS 9.1 but because it happens so infrequently, I don't think it's worth the hassle of restoring my IOS device. This happens to both BT 4.0 compliant headsets as well as older ones.

In your case, how often does it happen? Did it just start recently?

Submitted by Sounds2Good on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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I noticed the problem after a Google search app update last year. It happens all the time with the Google search app and sometimes with Google Maps. I've not noticed the problem with any other apps, including Apple Maps, the BARD app or with Audible. Next time it happens I'm going to explore the airplay options while I have the Google search app open.