Goodreads app question

iOS and iPadOS

Hello all!

I'm having a bit of an issue with the Goodreads app on my ipad. I'm running the latest version of the app and ios. My issue is with the book recommendations section. It keeps wanting to give me a book that I'm not interested in reading, and I can't figure out how to get it to move to the next book.

For example, it's recommending that I read in the crime genre Portrait Of A Dead Guy, but I've looked at that book and I don't think it's very interesting. How can I take that book off my list and get Goodreads to go to the next book? It's been saying that I should read the same books for my favorite genres for a few days now, and there's some books I've looked at that just don't interest me.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Submitted by Pilgrim Pete on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This area of the app doesn't work well with VoiceOver. However, you can still just about use it, altho it requires some trial and error to get to grips with.

The top two thirds of this screen contain a horizontal scrollbar that shows book covers.

Directly below this is the book title, author name, and a button to mark the book as one that you would like to read. This changes to reflect the book cover which is currently at the centre of the scrollbar.

Unfortunately, the scrollbar does not work with VoiceOver.

If you flick through the page contents, VoiceOver focus essentially skips over it like it wasn't there.

However, if you touch upon the area of the screen containing the scrollbar, it behaves as if VoiceOver is not enabled. So, a single tap on this will result in you being taken to the book detail page of the book cover that you just tapped on.

If you flick left or right on this area of the screen with one finger, the scrollbar does visually scroll to reveal other recommended books.

You can confirm this by checking the area of the screen which shows the book title, as this does work as expected with VoiceOver. However, you cannot double-tap on anything here to be taken to the book detail page. To go to that page, you have to tap on the book cover.

So, essentially, you flick left or right on the scrollbar to move through the recommendations; check on the bottom third of the screen to see what book cover you are currently being shown; and single tap with one finger in the top third of the screen if it's a book that interests you and you want to see more about it.