Good and accessible calculator apps

iOS and iPadOS

Hey all!

I have another question for you guys. And it’s along the same lines my recommendation question for dictionary apps. Except this time, I’m looking for good and accessible calculator apps.

I don’t now exactly what transitioning to unified English braille is going to entail, so I just want to be ready.
Once I get my teachers contact information, I’ll be contacting, and seeing what apps she recommends if any. I’m happy to pay for it, as long as as as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, or a subscription-based.
I looked on here, and I seen some options. And then I went and looked on the App Store, and I discovered that there are so many more accessible calculators!
I don’t know if I’m going to be looking for a scientific, or a regular calculator can anyone tell me which one would suit me for this course?
I don’t have Apple‘s calculator app on my iPad. And I’m looking on here and in the App Store, and I see how a few different talking and accessible calculator apps. So, which one do you guys recommend? Or which ones? I’d like to get the most bang for my buck.

To try and have if not everything that’s either need, or might need, ready to go. The materials get to me, I can start working on the course. And get all that I need, if there’s an actor to that my instructor might recommend,
Thank you all so much in advance!



Submitted by Kelly Sapergia on Saturday, September 19, 2020

I like to use either Talking Scientific Calculator, or PCalc Lite. Talking Scientific Calculator has various features that aren't included in the iOS calculator, one of which deals with hexidecimal functions if I remember correctly. Plus, it can either speak using Voiceover, or with recorded speech. You can even record yourself saying the numbers, messages, etc.
PCalc Lite is free to download, and is quite customizable in terms of the interface and functionality. There are various in-app purchases available, though you don't have to buy everything if you don't want to. These include more options to customize the interface with things like additional key click sounds, extra unit conversions, a pack for engineering and programming, etc. I believe the app can also be set to speak results, but is also quite Voiceover friendly.