Going back to my SE, but a little question

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Hello again!
Well, after a day of playing with my new iPhone 7 plus, I decided to go back to my SE for its size and headphone jack, and also because I don't feel too big a difference between the 7 plus and the SE in terms of user experience. That is not to say I don't welcome new technology, but the main reason for my going back is that this doesn't fit my uses.
Now, I plan to give my 7 plus to my mother, who has her own separate apple ID. But she has been using an Android device for the past year. So, how do I get all her Android data on to iOS? How do I take advantage of the import services provided by iOS in the setup process?
Thanks in advance for your replies!



Submitted by David Lai on Saturday, December 9, 2017

My mom is a sighted person, but she has presbyopia because of her age. So no screen reader on her phone if we have to do something on her device. And another thing, she doesn't know English.

Submitted by David Lai on Sunday, December 10, 2017

Thanks for your reply. I've installed the app and now I'm pulling data off my mom's Android phone. She'll have her iPhone ready in no time.
During this process, I also experienced iOS 11's side by side signing in with manual authentication by entering a code, far easier than holding the phone up to the camera and not knowing the position, ETC. Really good!