The girl who sold the world on ear mode?

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Hi everyone!
I just purchased the game The Girl Who Sold The World, after seeing a forum topic on this site about the game being an audio adventure and on ear mode, which, I assumed, would be accessible for the blind and can be used with VoiceOver. However, I was wrong when I opened the app and discovered that it was not the case. VoiceOver didn't say anything when first time launching the app and getting into the first screen. After turning VO off and randomly touching the screen, I heard audio feedback.
But, I thought there was an ear mode? Where is it?
I'm a bit puzzled here. Can anyone tell me what's wrong? Many thanks!



Submitted by Remy on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The ear mode is coming though. There are challenges getting it implemented, but it hasn't been put on the back burner. You did not waste your money exactly; you'll just be a little delayed. It'll be worth it when you can play it though. I've played a large part of the first chapter and have to say it's one of the better experiences I've encountered in an audio game. Given the quality of audio games out there I guess that's not saying much, but from a mainstream "sighted" gamer's perspective this one so far is worth your time. Download and play the game Heathcote and you'll have a slight idea what to expect as the games share similar elements. The girl who sold the world is far more interactive though and far, far longer. Even chapter 1 is far longer than the entirety of Heathcote. Not that length makes up for quality, but still. Also recommend a game called Code 7, which is an audio text adventure with full voice acting, hacking elements and a pretty interesting story. It was made accessible and works quite well.

Submitted by David Lai on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Thank you for the replies. OK, I'll be looking forward to playing this game. I love games with great voice acting and audio. I played Heathcote before, but I end up with the same end to the story every time - Martin suffers a mental attack, and David gets killed. Or maybe the other way around with the names. Whatever, I'm kind of bored with this game, despite great voice acting.