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I do have an iCloud account and I use Verizon. Do I have to re-set my voice mail on to the new I5? Do I have to contact Verizon, after the installation is complete to activate my new phone? How do I restore apps from my iPhone 4s to my new iPhone 5? Is the process easily done without sited assistance? What are the steps for me once I open up the box of the new iPhone 5? How do I turn on voiceover on to a new phone? Should I choose the iCloud backup process to restore all of my contacts and apps from my 4s to my new iPhone 5? I would appreciate any assistance from any of the expert iPhone users in the aplevis site on the start up process.



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello Firstly congratulations and enjoy your new iPhone 5 Could you give more details? Sach as carrier your provider use Sin Card, it's GSM or CDMA Met work Do you have Windows PC or Mac OS? If your answer is PC do you have a back up on the PC? Do you use iCloud account? And more details possible may help easier and quick to your answer...

Hello! I was able to set up my phone with no sighted assistance at all. The process is very straightforward. You just turn on the phone, wait about half a minute for it to boot up, then tripple click home to turn on VoiceOver. Then it will ask if you want to start your phone from scratch or transfer stuff from a previous one. I chose to do this and transfer from my iCloud backup, but whether or not you do that is up to you. Hope this helped.

Thank you for the feeback. When you restored your new iphone 5 from the icloud, were all of your apps also restored on to your new iphone 5? Did you have to reset your voicemail or any other setttings on to your new phone?

Hi, I do have an icloud account and I use verizon as the cell carrier. If I restore my apps and settings to my new iphone 5 from icloud on to my new phone, will of the apps, from my previous phone, be restored on to my new iphone 5? Will have to reset my voice mail or any other settings on to my new phone? I use a PC with jaws screen reader. What were the steps when removing the new phone from the box to start the process to transfer my apps and contacts from my older phone to my newer phone?

Hello reginal Yes is it you are able to do with out siteds assistance. And thanks for your details, personally I stoped using icloud account because is simple I don't like it how ever I will give you details follow to do if you want to do using back up on PC. How to do back up first on from the iPhone 4S? #1 Turn on your windows PC. #2 On your iPhone 4S Go to settings and select your local wifi Your iPhone 4S needs to be connected at wifi. #3 Using the USB cord, connect the 4S and plug to your PC. You will hear some bip. #4 Work on your iPhone 4S do the follow Go to settings then General than ITunes Wifi Sync then under iTunes wifi Sync look for sync now And hit on it. #5 On this screen iTunes wifi Sync you will hear the progress indicated and able to read everything on the screen each sach as syncing apps, music, books, Ringtones, contacts, etc. Etc Finally when the process ended on the bottom on the iPhone 4S you will read Last back up For example 10: 35 AM. Note: you will need to have updated the later itunes version coast it's requested using iOS 6. verizon customers I don't know how works the steps to activate your iPhone 5. Call before activate the new iPhone 5 First time turning a new device Press and hold the power button about 3 or 4 seconds Wait about 1 minute Hit triple click home to turn VoiceOver on On the bottom of the iPhone 5 press the configure or configuration option Note: you could hear many languages Then just follow the steps sach as: Language and hit the next button on the right corner of the top Select region then hit next button Wifi etc Apple ID you can skip this step Icloud Use Sire etc Until reach fill complete start using iPhone IPhone 5 Your new iPhone 5 will be running on iOS 6, that's is able to updated at iOS 6. 01 If you decide to update your iPhone 5 to iOS 6. 01 hit Set up a new iPhone If you don't want do it skip this step once your new iPhone 5 is activated let me know if you want to follow this method If not goodluck

If you'd like to upgrade your phone to the newest version of iOS, you could also set up your phone to have the settings and applications that you installed and applied to your other device, but you need to have a backup on the computer first. If you don't have your content saved on your computer, then this option will not be helpful. If you have your content on your computer, then choose to set it up as an old iPhone and on your phone, go to settings, general, and software upgrade. By doing it in this fashion, you will not have to download your applications and apply your settings again. A few months ago, I obtained a replacement phone, but before I went to the store, I had performed a backup on my computer. After the process was finished, I opened every application to make sure it was working properly. I think I installed only one of them over, and I had to go through the first process of an application launch. I didn't have to set up my voicemail, though I needed to activate it with my provider. I don't know how it works with your carrier, but I use Sprint and the representative at the Apple store that I visited said that I had to call them because my phone wasn't activating over there. Be that as it may, the entire period wasn't too bad. Good luck with your phone; I hope all goes well.