getting a refund for apps that are not accessible etc

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Hello everyone, forgive me if this is a rather obvious question… But I seem to remember reading somewhere that if you purchase an app and it's not accessible… Or it doesn't work like you thought… there was someway to get your money refunded from Apple. I don't know if this is true so I thought I would throw it out there. Earlier this evening I bought text detective… And maybe I just need to spend some more time with it… But it really isn't working too well. So this individual case aside… Is there in fact a way to get your money refunded if you've downloaded an app that is not accessible Thanks for the help, Greg



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, October 7, 2013

Sure. Bring up your invoice for the product in iTunes store, then go to report a problem and at some point you will be taken to the web site for the report a problem page. Then if you are eligible for a refund on the app you will see the link. Click it and follow the rest of the prompts. Good luck.

Hi Marrie, thanks for your response. I went to the Purchased section in my iTunes store and clicked on the Apps tab, but I'm not seeing any way to bring up an invoice. (keep in mind I'm doing this on my computer and not my phone) All I see is a list of the apps that i've purchased. Could I perhaps access this "report a problem button" when I receive my receipt from the iTunes store via email? Thanks again, Greg

Ok. go to the iTunes store home area and click on account, from there click on purchases, I don't have the exact link handy o ryou can look for something about invoices. After that look for the invoice in question and click report a problem, then click the report problem back up at the top of the window on the app you want to refund. I also think you can bring up the invoice link in your web browser by clicking the link in the receipt you you got Take care.

Ok, I got my receipt today and was able to locate the report a problem button... but thanks for you're response It's always good to know multiple ways of doing something. Be well, Greg