getting my 1st i phone, i phone 6 new to apple

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Hi all. Firstly to introduce myself.

I am blind, have been for 10 years now. I'm Mark, from Ware in Hertfordshire in the UK. I am coming over to apple and to the i phone from a nokia n 70 with talks. Its a big jump but i think its about time i did enter the 21st century.

So i have ordered myself a i phone 6 128 gig. Not knowing how much storage i'll need i thought i'd like my music on the go and enough room for extra and no worries of running out.

So being a newbie to apple and apple products having only tried one in a phone shop once having found the 4 S really hard to use notably typing.

I am keeping two phones going for a bit with my o2 N 70 monthly simplicity deal fora nyone familiar with that deal in the UK.

I am trying a i phone 6 and hope to get to grips with it and will eventually make the I phone my primary phone.

A few questions. Are there any guides to using voice over on a i phone 6 and any good tips and tricks i need to learn really to get up to speed with my new i phone.

My main worry as i do text a lot is about typing and replying to text messages quickly.
I've read various things on learning the keyboard, touch typing and this new direct touch typing. Clearly i need to get myself up to speed with typing and how the keyboard is laid out but can texting become as quick as the old T9 predictive text with the old nokia's ?

i hope so other things i will learn as i go but a phone that i can text quickly and well and do calls and answer is always my main focus. All things else like accessibility and cool new aps i will encounter as i go. If any good free or reasonably priced aps that a newbie should look for being totally blind and are aps that are well worth getting do feel free to leave reccomendations

many thanks and hope to hear from you soon




Submitted by david s on Thursday, October 30, 2014

Look for Voice Over Tutorial from the app store. It covers the basics about VO and best of all, it’s free.


Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello mark.
Allso i am blind.
My english is not perfect but i a hope that you can to understand me.
I uses iphone for a few years.
I am happy to use iphone.
I can to unser to calls send and received sms messages and reply to e-maile and more.
I am uses iphone 5s.
I am happy help you
Good lak.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello Mark if you are looking for tutorials to get you started with your iPhone there are several tutorials on this site and other sites.
Here are some links to some tutorials on this site.……
Just in case you get a bluetooth keyboard later down the road after you get your iPhone here is a podcast of the bluetooth keyboard commands.…