GarageBand for iOS: Tips On Trimming in The Sampler

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Hey guys,
I'm having trouble trimming sounds on the sampler, in fact, I can't even trim sounds in the sampler.
So, when trying to trim in the sampler, there are two handles, right?
Ok, so VoiceOver pronounces them as Left Resize Handle and Right Resize Handle.
I want to trim my sounds from the beginning and i try to drag the left handle, but VO gives me no feedback as to how I'm dragging the handle.
So any tips?



Submitted by Luke on Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hi there,

This is not you, it is GarageBand. Unless you just want to do a very basic audio recording, I would suggest another app. The garage band iOS app has gotten increasingly less accessible with every version, to the point where I no longer use it. Unfortunately, there aren't any apps that do exactly what it does, but until Apple fixes the numerous and serious access problems, you're better off looking at another program. Also, as you may have noticed, while Apple viz. is generally a great resource, I have been very frustrated by the lack of support or response when I post about GarageBand. It seems there are only a couple of us here that use it or care about it's accessibility challenges, compounding the difficulty of the situation. I use an app called Hokusai for recording audio on my iPhone. It is a completely accessible and extremely powerful audio recorder and audio editor, but it is not a Music workstation like garage band so there are no instruments or anything like that. However, it is a very high-quality program

so, can anyone suggest an accessible alternative to Garageband for music production with a midi controller? I looked at the apps from IK Multimedia, the company that also manufactures the midi controller that I use, but they don't seem accessible at all.
The problem is that an audio editor like Ferrite or Hokusai won't work for me as I do require software instruments and midi. I'm thinking about switching to producing the music on the Mac, but I'm not much of a Mac user and would be reluctant about learning the ins and outs of one more operating system just to continue making music. Besides, GB for the Mac seems to be suffering from some of the same accessibility challenges, judging from what I read.

Submitted by Earth on Friday, January 22, 2021

when you drag the left or right handle, during the drag you won't get feedback but after you let it goes it does tell you what position you drag it to. I love GarageBand and not going to use anything else as alternative because I think nothing can replace it.

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