Garage band latest bugs since iOS 10 updates

iOS & iPadOS

I have noticed that all of the posts related to garage band are much older than the current update, which I think was done around January 19 of this year. Don't hold me to it though. Anyway, I was happy with GarageBand, because I could record Basic things on it. But then when it updated, Icould not really use it anymore. Every time I have tried, it has been a nightmare, everything from not being able to access the alchemy sent sounds, to nothing happening when I double tap on buttons, two flat out crashing when I try to switch from whatever view I am currently in
I thought that calling apples accessibility department would be just the thing. I thought they would go oh sure, one of her apps is messed up. We will get right on it with our engineers. Instead I get back-and-forth finger-pointing. The inter-app people or whatever you call the people that just deal with issues related to apps or saying it's something to do with voiceover, and the voiceover people are saying oh hey wait that's not our problem. It's the people that deal with apps on a regular basis that you need to talk to you. Meanwhile, garage band still isn't getting fixed. So if you have had problems with GarageBand and you use iOS, please feel free to report whatever bugs you experience. The accessibility people check the Apple viz. forum quite frequently. And it might be nice for them to see that I'm not the only one especially with the crashing problems. As I said before, one man checked it out and said that though he couldn't replicate my problem with GarageBand and voiceover, he said that it was really buggy on his end also. It was just doing different things. So does anyone know of an alternative iOS app for recording it isn't so buggy? That might actually be able to do what it is supposed to? Currently, I use and I rig keyboard interface. I have recorded both with SampleTank, and with the sounds from GarageBand. So I will need it that is able to use SampleTank, or comes with its own soft synth sounds. My iPhone could end up helping me write a lot better, if I can only find a way to record. Of course, I have gig daddy. But gig daddy doesn't have soft sense, and I am not sure how to make it work that way. With GarageBand, you could select InterAp audio and connected to SampleTank. But I am having trouble selecting tracks, so it makes everything kind of an organized.


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