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Greetings all. I just purchased the Garage Band app on my IPhone 4. Though it is a pretty sweet app, especially with the new direct touch mode Voiceover has to offer, I do have a couple of questions for those that have used it. 1. is there a timing correction feature in the app? I have looked all over the place, and I can't seem to find it. No matter how I play, even with the metronome, It doesn't seem to process my various taps and such on the screen quick enough for correct timing. Do other people use it on the IPhone 4? 2. This is more of a general music question, but I'm sure someone can answer. What's the difference between a track and a section? I saw a place where I can add section A, b, and so on, each section having it's own number of bars. I see that's different than a track, but not sure how. it should also be noted that I just grabbed this app last night, so yeah. A beginner of the beginners. Grins. Well, any help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks much.



Submitted by Walei on Saturday, September 22, 2012

I have answers for you... To fix the timing of notes when you're playing an instrument, double tap the settings button on the top right. Then make sure the tracks tab is selected. In there you should find stuff like solo, volume,, echo, reverb and quantizing. Quantizing is what you're looking for. double tap on it and you'll have the option to choose different ways for garageband to correct the timing of your notes. The difference between a track and a section is as follows. Your track is available throughout the whole song. The sections are specific parts of the song. Section A is the first 8 bars of the song. If you are in that section, then garageband will play those 8 bars over and over again. When you go to the sections area you can add the next section as a blank slate with the tracks in tack, or you can duplicate the selected section which means it will copy everything you played and put it in the new section. This is good if you have a repeating drum and bass pattern for instance. The tracks are what you add effects to like reverb, and echo. once you've added an effect to a track, it will be there on that track for the entire song no matter what section you're in. So to sum it up, sections are just 8 bar pieces of the song that you can edit, or record in separately so that the project doesn't become overwhelming. Let me know if any of this is unclear. Also, I have a Garageband Access channel on Zello if you have any further inquiries. Walei

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